Wednesday, October 3, 2007

The world weighs in on Myanmar

Amid massacres, raiding of monasteries, beatings, and arrests, there are now unconfirmed reports of the juna burning protestors--dead and alive.

The report can be found HERE
Radio Free Asia's account on the escalated violence.

Different countries have taken different tones towards Myanmar.

The US has imposed harsher sanctions, targeting the financial assets of the top members of the junta, their family members, and their supporters.

The EU has proposed sanctions as well. French president Nicolas Sarkozy has urged French companies, including oil giant Total, to stop new investments in Burma.

India, Burma's second largest supporter after China, has maintained its silence, protecting its interest in Burma's oil deposits.

In response to the killing of a Japanese journalist, the first foreign fatality from the crackdown, Japan is considering cutting aid to Burma. The Japanese government has already previously decreased aid to the impoverished country.

Australia has engaged in a diplomatic war, rejecting Myanmar's choice for its ambassador to Canberra.

Canadian citizens, led by David Kilgour (who has advocated extensively against China's persecution of Falun Gong practitioners), turn out to support the Saffron Revolution

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