Wednesday, October 17, 2007

TAKE ACTION! Tell the UN Sec. General to Demand End to Torture in Burma

From the US Campaign for Burma

Ban Ki-moon: Telephone The Burmese Regime Today to Demand End to Ongoing Torture in Burma

The military continues to hunt down those who have participated in peaceful demonstrations. We are calling on you to take a few moments today to be part of the global voice calling for an end to the abuse of monks and civilians arrested.

This past weekend the military captured 4 promiment democracy activists, including Htay Kywe, one of the last remaining leaders of the 88 Student Generation that had not been captured. The 88 Student Generation has been at the forefront of organizing protests, with the courage to stand up to the ruthless and brutal regime no matter the cost. Htay Kywe had evaded arrest until now. During the past two months, he was vital in educating the world about what was happening inside Burma. We are deeply concerned about his health and safety.

Also arrested was Mee Mee, whose picture with her fist in the air, has become an iconic symbol of the Burmese people during the protests in August and September (as seen above). We fear for her and the suffering she will most likely endure, as a political prisoner and as a woman.

The few remaining members of the 88 Student Generation have already sent a letter to Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon urging him to take action to protect prisoners, and stop arrests, and we must support their call.

It is more than just these arrests that concern us. Thousands of monks and civilians have been arrested in the past 2 weeks and we are receiving disturbing reports about the treatment of these prisoners. Torture, denying medical treatment and food, disrobing monks, and even death are regular occurrences for those imprisoned. We are deeply concerned for the fate of those imprisoned. Many activists have serious medical problems because of their previous imprisonments. For a list of monasteries raided, people arrested, disappeared, and killed, go to the AAPP website (Assistance Association for the Political Prisoners of Burma) HERE.

Please just take a few moments today to send an email to UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon, urging him to take more concrete measures to ensure that the brutal treatment of prisoners stops. SEND AN EMAIL HERE. He needs to pick up the phone today and demand from the Burmese Generals that the arrests and torturing of political prisoners stops. He must make it a personal priority to call Burma's generals, to demand that the International Committee for the Red Cross (ICRC) or other organizations can at least have access to the prisoners and to push for the release of all political prisoners.