Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Tell Chevron to Divest from Burma NOW

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As you already know, the pro-democracy protests in Burma that began in response to sharp increases in fuel prices were violently suppressed. But the oil and gas corporations themselves, who are partnered with the military government in gas export projects, have shown no sign of trying to prevent further bloodshed.
Instead, Thai-owned PTTEP issued a statement assuring the public that their investment was not jeopardized by the unrest. Furthermore, India’s ONGC Videsh, along with India’s Petroleum Minister Murli Deora, traveled to Burma amidst the protests to sign three new deals to extract and export natural gas.

And Chevron Corporation, the largest remaining U.S. company in Burma is now a partner with the junta in the notorious Yadana natural gas pipeline project. This project alone funnels tens of millions of dollars to the regime, money the military desperately need to retain its stranglehold on power. Despite Chevron's material support for the regime, and direct complicity in extensive human rights abuses, Chevron claims that it can play a positive role in contributing to the protection of human rights. Empty rhetoric is not a substitute for action, however, and now is the time for action. EarthRights believes these companies are not socially or politically neutral; given Unocal/Chevron's shameful behavior thus far, Chevron owes the people of Burma a moral obligation to immediately use its influence with the regime to help prevent the mass slaughter of peaceful protestors.

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