Friday, October 26, 2007

Thailand to launch operation against Burmese dissidents

Thailand loves Burmese oil, gas, and hydropower. Business interests are clearly at work here.
From Mizzima, off Burmanet, HERE
Offices of pro-democracy Burmese opposition groups in Thailand will be searched by security personnel in the kingdom as part of an “operation”, informed sources told Mizzima.

The nation-wide operation will be launched in two weeks. Sources say the measure follows the Burma military junta’s claims that Thai-based organizations instigated or were helping recent anti-regime protesters in the neighbouring country.

The regime has linked the monks leading the demonstrations in August and September with Maesot based organizations.

The Burmese Religion Minister Brig Gen Thura Myint Maung, in the state-run newspaper today said, “Bogus [fake] Monks” who are in contact with opposition groups based in Thailand had instigated the recent protests in Burma.

Myint Maung, citing the names of monks who organized the protests, said, “All 15 monks have visited Maesot in Thailand and some of them have attended explosive training courses and community organizer (CO) courses there.”