Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Confirmed Reports of Junta's Cremation of Protesters, Dead and Alive

The junta has ordered the large scale burning of protesters' bodies in a heavily guarded secret crematoriums located northeast of Yangon. The burnings began on the night of September 28, less than 24 hours after the military opened fire on the monk led demonstrations. The burning of bodies is a guarantee that the death toll will never be known. No identification of bodies is performed. The full report from BurmaNet News can be read HERE.

Almost a week ago, US Campaign for Burma posted a clip of a woman stating that protesters were being burnt, including ones still alive. The clip can be accessed HERE.

The full scale of the violence employed in raids on monasteries is finally being made known. More and more reports are coming confirming earlier allegations that the junta is in fact massacring monks. Up to 200 had their heads bashed in at Mwe Kya Jan monastery.

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