Saturday, October 13, 2007

Prison Conditions, Torture Techniques Appalling

Please TAKE ACTION and sign the following AVAAZ Petition HERE. It calls on the EU foreign ministers to impose sanctions on Burma. This comes as a critical time, as they will meet on Monday, Oct. 15, in 3 days! Please forward widely.


According to The Human Rights Yearbook for 1997-98, compiled by the Human Rights Documentation Unit of the exiled National Coalition Government of the Union of Burma, lists the methods of torture commonly employed in interrogation centers, which include:
beatings rigorous to cause permanent injury; shackling of the legs or arms; burning victims with cigarettes; applying electric shocks to the victims' genitals, finger tips, toes, ear lobes, and elsewhere; suffocation; stabbing; rubbing of salt and chemicals in open wounds; forcing victims to stand in unusual and uncomfortable positions for extended periods of time, including 'riding the motorcycle,' which entails standing with warms outstretched and legs bent, and the 'helicopter,' in which the victim is suspended by the wrists or feet from a ceiling fixture and then spun around; deprivation of light and sleep; denial of medicine, food, exercise, and water for washing; employing the 'iron rod' in which iron or bamboo rods are rolled up and down the shins until the skin is lacerated; ordering solitary confinement with extremely small and insanitary cells for prolonged periods, and using psychological torture including threats of death and rape.

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