Thursday, October 4, 2007

For Burma: National Campus Day of Action Oct 5 /Global Day of Action Oct 6

!!!!!!!!!!A Global Day of Action is currently being organized. Get involved. Show that you care.!!!!!!!!!!

Chinese Support for Myanmar's Junta Sparks Olympics Boycott Epoch Times Article

- from the US Campaign for Burma
We are writing this urgent email to call for global demonstrations on Burma this coming Saturday, October 6th to demand the UN Security Council take action on Burma and to call for a global boycott of the 2008 Olympics. We are working together with a huge coalition of international organizations to put together this incredible day of action and we need you to make it happen.

This is one day after a day of student demonstrations across the Unted States on October 5th.

We are expecting demonstrations and protests in up to 35 countries around the world. We are asking for everyone to wear the color red on that day -- red shirts, headbands, or other -- in solidarity with the monks inside Burma. Organize an event or protest in your community, church, city or join us at the Chinese embassies and consulates in the United States and around the world.

As you know, the UN Security Council shamefully has not lifted a finger to help the courageous Burmese monks and civilians even as they are slaughtered by solders wth automatic weapons. The Security Council has also never even breathed a word after the military regime in Burma destroyed over 3,000 villages -- nearly twice as many as have been destroyed in Darfur. The Burmese regime's scorched earth campaign in eastern Burma has been perhaps the most under-reported tragedy perhaps in the world.

There is one reason only for the paralysis of the Security Council: China. One country has singlehandedly blocked the international community from stopping the carnage in Burma. As a result, the UN is making the same mistakes it made on Rwanda and Darfur: sitting on its hands waiting while people die.

Nobel Peace Prize recipent Desmond Tutu has joined us in this call, saying he will boycott the Olympics unless China changes its position at the UN Security Council.
Please pledge to boycott the 2008 Olympics today. The 2008 Olympics have become a monument to savagery and immorality
(p.s. we know that many athletes have worked for a long time to participate in the Olympics. that is why we are asking for the Olympics to be moved to another country so athletes aren't harmed).

Please sign up to host an event on our webpage and keep an eye on our webpage to see what events are already happening so you can join.

We are also requesting donations to help us fund this and more actions. If you are able to donate, please do so generously here. Or, you can host a fundraiser after your demonstration/event on October 6th. Action is always more important than money, but we are urgently short on funds and would appreciate your financial support in addition to your action.

Sign up today and keep the monks in your prayers,

Aung Din, Jeremy Woodrum, Jennifer Quigley, and Thelma Young

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