Sunday, November 4, 2007

More Monks March


About 100 monks marched in Mogok, in north central Burma, source of most of the world's finest rubies and shappires, on Nov. 3rd, 3 days after 200 monks marched in Pakkoku on Oct. 31.

From the Democratic Voice of Burma. Article only in Burmese. Translated by a co-worker:

Mandalay State, Mogoke, the locals have reported that about 100 monks have peacefully marched chanting metta sutta from around 1pm. The march was met with locals coming out to support and encourage. A lot of them followed the monks on motorcycles and some marched along the sides of the monk to show support and as a form to protection. Around 3pm, local police and the military arrived to block the roads and requested the crowd to break up at PeikSwae suburb. Over a month after the protests were brutally crushed, the first protest since took place at Pakokku and today, it marks the second march by the monks from Mogoke. The peaceful march today was met with enthusiasm and support from the locals.